QuantumComputer_200x200Quantum computer

The development of scalable quantum information processing making use of ion qubits, entanglement and segmented ion traps where quantum registers are operated, see also the EU Flagship project

Picture of experimental insertQuantum network

Making use of quantum effects such as entanglement of distant qubits, interfacing ion qubits and photons for quantum communication.

ions_atoms_on_chipQuantum simulation and hybrid systems

Coulomb crystals allow for designing spin-spin interactions to simulate quantum magnetism, or to investigate non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.

Single Ion Thermodynamics

Heat engines are devices which convert thermal energy into mechanical work and typically employ a huge number of particles. We work on the realization of such machines using only one single atom as working agent.

Rydberg Ions

Rydberg excitations of trapped ions allow for novel design of interactions.

single ion sourceSingle Ions source

Single ions are extracted from a trap, steered into a few nm-size spot and implanted to realize doping of solid state quantum devices, see e.g. the PRL 2019

GBAR_logoAntimatter gravity / exotic matter spectrocscopy

Does Matter falls on earth exactly like antimatter would do? This fundamental question is still not answered experimentally. We address this question within the GBAR collaboration at CERN. Ion trap techniques are applied for investigating Thorium ions that features an isomer nuclear state, we join forces within the TACTICA collaboration